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B4U Global

B4u global is an ROI (Return on investment) platform provided by the B4u group of companies working for four years. B4u global provides you an opportunity to enjoy a monthly profit of 7%  to 20%.  Mr. Saif Ur Rehman khan is the CEO of the company. B4U global is working in various countries of the world. It is legally registered in Malaysia, Italy, Spain, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Philippine, Turkey, Bahrain, Cambodia, and Japan.

Benefits that are uniquely provided by b4u Global.

  1. Enjoy a monthly profit of 7% to 20% on your investment.
  2. You can withdraw your profit on a monthly basis.
  3. You can enjoy your profit for a lifetime.
  4. You can deposit your amount in the bank and can take withdraw through the bank.
  5. Your investment is refundable.
  6. You can start your investment from $50.

Is b4u fraud scam or real?

First of all, we have to understand the concept of fake companies, why companies make fraud, scam companies don’t have any physical projects they only work on websites but b4u has more than 20 physical projects in Pakistan. The mentioned projects have millions of dollars worth. Fake companies don’t invest in physical projects but b4u have many physical projects. If we see the last 4 years of b4u b4U global has started many of the physical projects that are currently working in different cities of Pakistan, Also they are giving profit to members for the last 4 years there is even not a single person who can claim that b4U has not given profit to my person. so we can say that B4u is not a scam but a real business. so you can invest in b4u global without any hesitation.

Last 4 Year Profit Percentage of B4U Global

Projects of B4u global group of companies

 There are more than 20 Projects of b4u global group of companies that are registered in the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan SECP.

The Best, secure, and reliable real estate investment in Pakistan?

B4u group of companies provides an excellent and reliable investment in real estate that is registered in the security exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP). B4u trade provides you the unique and best investment plan in the property business that you can invest in real estate and also get monthly profit on investment for six months.

If you want to invest 5 lac rupees in property plan in b4u for six months you will get 10,000 rupees monthly after that when plot or house will sell your profit will be given to you after deducting 60,000 from your profit and you can get your principal amount or you can invest it again.If the plot is a cell in 3 months you can get profit and principal amount after 3 months.

B4U Cab (Bravo Cab)

  • Like Uber and Cream B4U CAB is the project of the b4u group of companies that is currently functional in Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi. You can download and use the app of B4u cab from the play store.

Revolt Bike R.v 70

  • Motorcycle manufacturing and assembling factory in  Karachi. B4u global has Recently Launched a Motorcycle Revolt Rv 70.  Now, B4u Global is Currently working on the First hybrid bike in Pakistan, and sooner they are going to launch a hybrid bike in the market.

Bravo Homes

  • Property projects with the name of future properties bravo homes in Islamabad b 17 multi gardens and recently they have purchased 300 plots in Hyderabad for banglow. B4u property is registered in the security exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP).

Rahman Diary farms

Rahman diary farm is another profit of b4u group of companies. B4u global has purchased the 12-acre property for this project for about 1000 Australian cows. The dairy farm is also a profitable business. this project is also registered in SECP. Any person from the world can visit the dairy farm and can check the project.

Alpha TV

The alpha TV channel is another project of the b4U group of companies. you can see Information about all the project, daily news stream, update about the B4u global company, information about upcoming projects and views of the b4u top leaders.

Agro zem pesticides factory

Agro zem is another great project of the B4u group of companies.B4u has purchased the about 300-canal property for this project. This is also a profitable business.

SR cash and carry store

SR cash and carry is another great project of b4u trades. The cost of the SR cash and carry store is about one billion Pakistani rupees. The target of B4u group of companies is that they want to open about 250 cash and carry stores in different cities of pakistan.Recently CEO Saif Ur Rehman has selected 10 cities for SR cash and carry project.

Shares in Niazi petroleum.

B4u Global has shares in petroleum on the stock exchange. B4u global is trying to invest in every profitable business. The company has many experts and analysts in different fields, they suggest the company invest in these profitable businesses.

Marble factory in Dubai

B4u has recently purchased a running business of marble factory in Dubai. This is a very profitable business. It is easy to purchase a profitable running business instead of establishing a business that is why B4u has purchased this running Business.

B4u Foundtion

B4u foundation is a non-profit project of B4u GLobal for the welfare of peoples.B4u company is working for charity with the name of Global welfare program especially for the poor and deserving people in Pakistan. Masjids, orphanage house, education, and drinking water plant these are the charity projects of B4u foundation.

B4U Wallet

B4u wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can save your digital assets and profits. you can save your asset of bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin, and dashcoin. The wallet of B4u global is safe as compare to other companies because there are a complete business and company behind this wallet.

How b4u earn? Is it possible that b4u can generate 7 to 20 percent monthly?

Yes, it is possible because b4u is investing 60% budget in crypto trading. Those people who are familiar with crypto trading know that professionals can earn 20% to 40% in crypto trading. If b4u is earning 20% to 40% and giving a profit of 7% to their investors it is not strange.

How long will B4u stay Facts and figure?

For any network marketing company, it is difficult to survive for the first two years. Because this is the prohibition period for any multilevel marketing company. If a network marketing company survives for three years then that company will be a stable company. If we consider B4u global as a multilevel marketing company from the last four years there is even not a single member of b4u who can say that b4u has not fulfilled his commitments. B4u is fulfilling his commitments for the last four years now B4U has given his 50 years plan.

if we see all the physical business of b4u global group of companies we can say that this is not a scam or fraud and they will survive for the next 5 to 7 years easily. scam companies don’t take interest in investment but b4u is investing money in much physical business so it is very difficult for companies to run away in a short period of time.

How you can earn in b4u?

There are two ways to work in b4u 1 is that you can invest your money and earn 7 to 20% of the power that every month and the second is that if you work it’s mean that you refer other peoples in be for you then you can get the referral bonus on a 3% to  15% depending upon your package.

B4U Global Investment Plan


There is no official application of b4u on the play store. Someone has made his own application on the play store but that application is not official. So try to avoid installing and login in to that application on the play store.

Is b4U Global registered in Pakistan?

B4U Global is a company that is registered in Malaysia. In Pakistan there are more than 20 projects of B4u are registered in the security exchange commission of Pakistan but b4u company is not registered.

IS B4U Global legit in Pakistan?

Yes, B4u is working legally in Pakistan. All the physical business of B4u Global are legally registered in the security exchange commission of Pakistan SECP.

B4U Global Facebook

 All information about B4u Global is available on the Facebook page. You can like Facebook of B4u global to stay updated about all the coming projects on the promos of Facebook. The link to the Facebook page is

B4U Global top achievers

Malik Naveed is the top achiever of b4u global. He has an experience of 16 years in the network industry.

Is B4U Halal?

Yes B4U is halal because profit is not fixed. B4u trades gives you monthly profit of 7% to 20%. if we compare the profit of the last 4 years we can see that yearly profit varies from 88 percent to 108% in the same way monthly profit also varies.

How to register on b4u global?

If you are new into B4u Global then first register yourself on B4U global. for registration follow the steps

  1. Click on the link
  2. Register yourself for free.
  3. After registration goes on deposit and select bank and gets the bank account number.
  4. Deposit cash in any mentioned bank and attach receipt on the website.
  5. Enjoy monthly profit of 7% to 20%.
  6. For any query please contact on WhatsApp 03365643150.

How to login in b4u global?

If you are already a member of B4u then For login into b4u Global simply click on the link

Contact Us

For more details about projects, registration, and investment method about B4u Global you can contact on 03365643150 or Email

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