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Top 5 Features of WhatsApp – that you may know

WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular and light weight  messaging service applications in the world. The app has following features :

  • WhatsApp web
  • Audio Calling
  • Video Calling
  • Media Sharing
  • Emojis
  • Stickers

WhatsApp 5 top hidden feature you need to know about it.

App Lock Privacy

In this feature WhatsApp users set up lock using fingerprint, touch ID or FaceID .

This feature is hidden in you WhatsApp privacy setting that you have missed. Goto WhatsApp Settings => Account => Privacy => Screen Lock / Fingerprint lock.

Please enable the by simply click or touch on it.then Fingerprint or FaceID set up on your mobile phone.

Text Formatting

WhatsApp have different  text formatting. It allow users can bold text, italics text and strikethrough. In order to use text formatting options, you will need to type the text in following syntax:

  • *bold*
  • _italics_
  • ~strikethrough~

The special characters should cone before and after the text that you want to convert in text formatting.

Data and Storage Usage

WhatsApp allows you to keep the track of your data usage. This feature allow you to storage data not only network but also storage usage on android phone. It can be used to check which your friend chatting the most or share a lot of media.

Goto WhatsApp Settings => Data and Storage usage option.

Custom Notifications

WhatsApp notifications are manged from WhatsApp settings page. In setting you set notification tones for whatsapp group and personal. You can set specific tone for your friend and family .

Pin chats

When you chating with your friend or family and at the time you received new message and your frinds chat move bottom next time you need to find and friend name and start chatting. You want that your friend always top list in your whatsapp and make it easier. WhatsApp provide you to new feature of Pin Chat. Pin Chat allow you to pin atleast 3 of your chat in the top. Open chat and right top click you see dropdown and see option pinchat . Now your chat person is on the top list of your WhatsApp.

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