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Most Popular Search Engine in 2020

Technology is changing fastly every day on a research basis. The top 9 most popular search engine in 2020 are given below:


Google is one of the most top search engines worldwide. Google has  91.54 market share in the whole world. Google provides quality of search results in an easy way a commonly people prefer google chrome.


Microsoft Bing is the second-most most top search engine in the world. Bing has 2.44 market share in the world. The unique feature in bing is to provides its user – to collect some points which the user can later read on Microsoft and Windows Stores. Bing shows only home pages, not blogs or posts.


Yahoo is one of the 3rd most popular search engines worldwide. Yahoo has 1.64% market share in the world. Yahoo has a Web portal that is still popular and 11th most visited site according to Alexa. Yahoo shopping has more search features and options rather than other search engines.


Baidu is found in 2020, a top-tier search engine. It is basically used in china it has a market share of 1.08% in China. Baidu search engine has a backbone by one of the largest artificial intelligence(AI) and internet service companies in the worldwide.


Yandex is the mostly used search engine in Russia. Yandex company presents to say he is a technology company that specializes in creating intelligency products and services powered by machine language. Yandex has 0.54% market sahre in Russia.


 Duckduckgo provides the privacy of users as they don’t track or store personal search information of users. The search engine allows you to check the ranking of everything from maps, images, and videos on the internet. Duckduckgo has a 0.45% market share in the world.

Yippy Search

It enables you to search for hard-to-locate information such as:

  • Government related feeds
  • Hobby blogs
  • Academic researches
  • News

Yippy search engine has 0.07% of the market share in the world.


Sogou is a Chinese technology company that specialized in web search. The Sogouoffices located on the south-east of Tsinghua University in Beijing of China. Sogou also has other offices in Chengdu. Sogou has 0.44% of the market share in the world.


Ecosia has 0.14% of the market share in the world. Ecoisa a search engine that donates 80% of its profit to the non-profit organizations that work on reforestation. It is located in berlin.

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