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All Computer Allowance Notifications Punjab 1986 to 2020

Here, in this post, I am sharing all Computer Allowance Notifications of Punjab 1986 to 2020 for the information and guidance of the government employees.

Notification of Computer Allowance 1986:

the Governor of Punjab has been satisfied to support Computer of the Rs.500/ – p.m. to the categories of Computer faculty who are worked on Computer in the Government Department and other Govt organization, provided they have minimum educational qualification shown as below;

Sr. No.CategoryQualification
1.Computer Personnel
Master’s Degree in Computer Science
Master’s degree in Physics / Statistics / Economics from a recognized University HEC and computer training.
2.Computer Personnel-1 (BPS-17)— Do —
3.Computer Personnel -1 (BPS-16)(a)  Second Class Degree with Computer Science
(b) Second class degree with Math / Statistic physics / Economics from a recognized University  HEC Computer training.

I’m directed to refer to this letter of even no. date 22-Sep-1986 on the selection above notice and forward to govt. of Punjab and request the Government of Punjab to implement this from 1st of July, 1988.

The current rate of the Computer Allowance rate is Rs:500/- per month will be increased to Rs: 1000/.

The Government of Punjab is further proved to allow Computer Allowance to Rs:300/ p.m. Key Punch Operators or Key Punch Verifying Operators to Entry Operators with its effect from 1 – 70 – 1988.

Old and existing terms and conditions about regulating the grant of Computer Allowance would remain the same.

Computer Allowance

Notification of Computer Allowance 2001

During the Revised Pay Scales in 2001, the computer allowance rates were also revised by the government. The details of the computer allowance rate in 2001 is given below:

Sr. NoCurrent RatesRevised Rates
1Rs: 300 per MonthRs: 450 per month
2Rs: 1000 per monthRs: 1500 per month

Notification of Computer Allowance 2004

I’m directed to refer to Department letter No. FD.PC-2-1 / 2001 dated on 22-OCT-2001 on the Notification of Computer Allowance and requested that Governor of Punjab has been pleased to approve that Computer Allowance presently admissible to Key Punch Operators / Key Punch Verifying Operators / Data Entry operators at the rate of Rs:450/- per month may be increased to Rs.750/- per month with rapid implementation.
Other terms & Conditions for Grant of this Computer Allowance will not change.

Notification of Computer Allowance 2018

The latest computer allowance Notification arised in 2018. The of the Allowance is given below

The case has been examined about the Notification of Computer Allowance. Lahore High Court is advised that the Computer Personnel are those employees who are employed on a whole-time basis on the computer and work in the Government Departments and other Government Institutions of the fact whether mainframe computer is available or not in their organization. The minimum educational qualification of their basic Scale wise described in the policy letter No.FD.SR-1.9-7/85, dated on 22.Sep.1986.

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