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Online Earn Money through PTC-Pay To Click

Today i’m going to tell you online method of earning money without any investment or any fee. online Earning money online is possible in Pakistan today. i am introducing you about PTC (Pay to Click).

Through the “PTC” online earning is ver easy. You have to spend a only hours per day and earn a handsome money. Here you need a refferals to earn from this method. Refferals are the major part of earing. you can refer your friend and family meember by send a refferals link and join PTC. As long as the refferals work with you so you can eran handsome amount if referals left then you just wasting your time. So your first step is to develop your team and work on PTC.

In short, “Get Refferal is the main task to earn from PTC”.

Fake Sites:

There are so many sites on internet use PTC name and Online working. These types of most of the sites are fake. Some times you stars work on these types of fake sites and during working you have to show your earning on credit but want you want to withdraw and you have no option to with draw then you decide to leave the website and lost all of your earning. You have to confirm all things before you start work which sites are fake or which sites are not.

How to Register on PTC Sites?

After find trusted PTC site, you have need Register youself free and fiil all the required field and PtC send confirmation email on your email address and then click to confirm your registration.

How Your referrals Work in Pay to Click Ads:

As i explain in above about refferal. Now you have to need to send your refferal link to your friends and other people on the internet or colleage. they koin PTC throught your links and become your refferal. when they start earning on PTC website you get bonus of your refferals. this will be exrta handsome amount in your account.

How to Work with PTC:

After registration you can start your work. To click on the ads by the concerned sites.This ads runs for a few seconds and the ad is end are credited balance in PTC site account. When a balance of 1, 2, 3 or more than 10 Dollars is the credit you can transfer it into Alert pay account. The limit of balance varies from site to site.

I have explained all the detail above and now its on you to find the correct PTC sites and work on these sites.

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